Mission Statement

The Loyal Opposition is a political action committee, comprised entirely of volunteer staff, combatting the clear and present danger that our country will slide imminently into autocracy under the Trump administration. We believe the ingredients necessary for autocracy to take hold are now present in American politics, including:

  • corruption & conflicts of interest;
  • erosion of constitutional liberties;
  • foreign interference;
  • lax election security;
  • discrimination & demonization of vulnerable communities; and
  • widespread propaganda and disinformation.

We believe the 2018 mid-term elections are critical to checking the Trumpian slide to autocratic kleptocracy. We believe it is imperative for the Democratic Party to regain control of the House, and hopefully the Senate. We aim to encourage all Democrats, Independents and Republicans who care about maintaining democracy and the rule of law to vote for Democrats in the mid-term elections.

Our Approach

Our top priorities are defending the 2018 elections – both the physical infrastructure as well as defending against propaganda and disinformation – and assisting the implementation of effective grassroots barriers to autocratic creep, including educating about Putin’s war on western liberal democracies.

We support Democrats in 2018 for every elected position in the United States from Senator down to Municipal Dog Catcher.

We educate the public by sharing information about autocracy, corruption, abuse of civil liberties and mismanagement in the Trump era. We call out propaganda and disinformation which provide fertile ground and cover for autocracy and corruption.

For more than a year, we focused on involving constituents in civic action, using Indivisible as a guide. As it has become apparent that the Republican-controlled Congress will not check the Trump administration’s slide to autocratic kleptocracy, we have refocused to include an emphasis on voting rights and electing Democrats in the 2018 mid-terms.

We will continue to employ “Calls To Action” as a method to pressure Congress, but these CTAs will exclusively focus on national security, election defense and voting rights issues.

We encourage all Democrats, Independents and Republicans who cherish democracy and the rule of law to unite in backing Democrats in the mid-term elections to restore a Congressional check and balance on the Trump administration.