Mission Statement

Who We Are:

We are a political action committee, comprised entirely of volunteer staff, combating the increased risk of the United States sliding towards autocracy under the Trump administration. We believe the ingredients necessary for autocracy to flourish are now present in American politics, including:

  • Corruption & Conflicts of Interest;
  • Erosion of Constitutional Liberties;
  • Foreign Interference; and
  • Discrimination & Demonization of Vulnerable Communities.

We aim to be inclusive and seek to provide effective ways for individual citizens to resist and make a difference during the Trump presidency.

Our Approach:

We educate the public by sharing information about autocracy, corruption, abuse of civil liberties and mismanagement in the Trump era.

We advise constituents on the best way to make a difference through civic action. This includes making phone calls to Congress, helping people register to vote and learning more about our electoral process.

We encourage best practices for civic activism and leverage social media to spread them.

Inspired by Indivisible (written by former congressional staffers who saw first-hand how the Tea Party succeeded), The Loyal Opposition aims to empower a new era of civic involvement easily accessible to all. There is power in numbers and together we will preserve our great Republic and Constitutional liberties for generations to come.