Call to Action: Tell Your Senators to Secure Our Elections

Truth or Confidence Man

By Adam Cohen

It was the ultimate made-for-TV moment.

The redoubtable Robert Mueller – decorated war hero; unrelentingly scrupulous public servant; impeccable in appearance, reputation and resume – testified before Congress about Russian attempts to interfere in the 2016 election, the involvement of President Trump’s campaign with those efforts, and whether Mr. Trump obstructed justice to prevent Mueller from finding the truth.
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How We Should Think About Impeachment

By Reginald Oh

In the fierce debate over whether President Donald Trump should be impeached, much of the rhetoric has centered around the criminal nature of his conduct during the 2016 presidential campaign and during his tenure as president. I contend, however, we should think of impeachment less as a process to hold Trump accountable for his crimes, and more of a process to determine if Trump is substantially unfit to be president.
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Attend a Town Hall Meeting & Demand Accountability

Your Action:

Attend a town hall meeting or other event with your Senators and Representative and ask them, “What do you intend to do to hold the President accountable?” 

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